If there is a will, there is a way

It’s very common, to see a good looking person, and assume that is genetic. Yes, I have thought that as well, is like some people can born “fit”, and the easiest is to think that you are just not genetically blessed, and you’d never be like that. Well, while certain people indeed has born with certain advantages, -we all have the kind of skinny friend that eats all junk that you’ve been avoiding your whole life, yet looks fit and in shape- most of the cases, there is some effort behind. When you see someone in shape, you are seeing the results, but not the effort that requires to look like this. And by effort I don’t mean magic detox teas, the ultimate wrap to loose belly fat, or avoid carbs forever. There is more, much more… it’s an habit. You can keep on searching for the ultimate burn fat diet, pills, or the 10 minute spartan workout.. Keep on lying to to yourself as much as you want, but you won’t have a long-lasting results, with any short-term solution.

So now, next time you see a good looking person, think that there is only one difference between you and him/her: The will power.

We all are given the same number of hours a day, and how do we spend this time, will be the reflection on ourselves. But don’t worry, good news? You don’t need much. As little as 30 min a day, 3-4 times a week, can have a huge impact into your health, and of course into your physique.

Now is the time that  while you are reading, you are thinking.. “Oh, for her is easy to say.. I have two kids, I don’t have time, I am constantly on business trips..” whatever!!


These are my current circumstances: I have a full time job, and it’s a very demanding one. I work in communication and marketing, and from Monday to Friday I am at the office between 9-10 hours a day, –if not in a business trip-. Besides this, I am preparing an exams to pass a new certificate, because my job demands to keep on learning, so that’s a lot of “free time” spent. Also, I prepare my food everyday. That’s 3 meals a day, plus snacks. And no, I do not spend 2 hours on the weekend to prepare my meals for the whole week. I prepare the meals with one day in advance, I am still not good storing prepared food, and keeping if fresh, so every night, when I head home after 20:00pm, and after my workout if it’s afternoon day, I prepare my food for the next day.  And, on the top of the that, I am the queen of procrastinating, and the most easy person to distract in the world! Something like “oh, I am going to check my workout on the app…oh, who’s this fit-chick on Instagram? stalk, stalk, stalk, 20 min later, shiit, I haven’t started yet!!” So yes, I am far from the perfect- organised person that I’d like to be. But somehow I kept on moving, and not giving up, and slowly I’ve found what works for me, in terms of schedules, and workouts, and how to fit all this into my busy days. And trust me, once becomes an habit, is not as hard it looks!  

When it comes to move my ass, motivational sentences, or fitness models won’t help in my case. But there are two simple tricks that for me are really efficient:

If I have to workout in the afternoon: I try to listen music that I like to put while working out, on the way back home, so slowly my mind is getting there, and sometimes after couple of songs, I really look forward to it! Second, arrive at home, and go to the dressing room straight, and put the workout clothes. Straight! Do not seat on the sofa, not even for 10 minutes, not even just to check couple of emails… just don’t. If it’s too early for you to start, walk, start preparing the dinner for later, but just do not seat. If you do, it will be a lot harder to convince yourself to start moving. Also, pre-workout bars: they are perfect for my sweet cravings, and, honeslty, take around 200 extra calorie at night..you are kind of force to burn it out 🙂 I don’t take them always though, it depends on the workout ahead, and its hardness.

If my workout is in the morning: Oils on the hair. Yep, that’s right, that’s my weird motivation. I apply some natural mask (usually coconut oil) into my hair at night, and as I will be forced no matter what, to wash my hair prior to leave home..I can totally wake up 30 min early and move a bit prior to hit the shower… That simple! 🙂

So, now that you have made the decision to improve your lifestyle, start to think about this small tricks that can help you to move! And of course, I’d love to know yours !!






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