Are you working towards your goals?

When it comes to health and exercise, seems that nowadays, we have too many information handy, that we can easily get lost and confused. When you search online for information about fitness, suddenly you’ll enter in a whole new world, full of cheat meals, calories, macros, supplements, do cardio, don’t do cardio, and so on.

Information is useless if you don’t know what to do with it. But guess what? Everything is easier than what it seems.

Here are some basics:

Lose fat: This will give you more muscles definition, and a slimmer silhouette. It has nothing to do with weight loss.  So besides the scale, you’ll need other tools. Measuring tape and body pictures will be your best bet to track your progress.

Formula: Calorie deficit ⇩ + exercise

Have in mind❉  Inevitably, you’ll lose some muscle on the process. When you want to lose fat, you want to get rid of a part of your body, so don’t get surprised if your % of muscles decreased a bit during the process.  Lift weights will help to give you better definition and minimize the muscle loss.

Gain Muscle: To increase the muscle tissue, you’ll need to have an appropriate ingest of protein, and be in a calorie surplus, and train the muscles. Best advice would be training them in separated groups, on different days.

Formula: Calorie surplus ⇧ + exercise

Have in mind❉ The calorie surplus will give you also an extra % of body fat. And as fun as it sounds to be in calorie surplus, this does not mean to sit on the sofá and have a diet based on pizza and donuts. This will only make you literally fat, and far from healthy. You need to eat clean, and healthy fats. 

Whatever is your goal, using a mobile app to track your calorie intake, is really advised. I personally use the free version of My fitness Pal, as is very complete. And yes, fill-in your food diary every time you eat, drink or exercise, it’s a pain in the ass! But no one said it would be easy right?




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