SOS, I’ve gained volume!

You’ve been eating reasonable clean for a while, working out consistently, and most important, you have overcome your fear to lift weights, and now they are part of your routine.. And when you are happily ready and all enthusiastic for your first revision, Ups!It turns out that.. You have gained volume!!

Sounds familiar to you? I’ve been there as well..



After being a cardio-lady for almost my entire life, I realized that if I wanted different results, I’ve should be ready to try new things. Running, dance, and spinning had done very little for my cellulite or softness, and despite I was thin, I would not be confident in a bikini.  So, I took a trainer, and I started to lift weight, as heavier as possible, reducing cardio to a minimum. I’ve notice definition almost within the first 2 weeks, specially on my legs, but my disappointment came as soon as I took the measuring tape to track my progress. I have gained volume. And is not what I wanted.

Of course I went to see my trainer immediately, and yelled ad him as much as I could.

I remember saying at him “you took this in the wrong way, I don’t want to look like a body builder!” while he was trying to hide his smile. I do not need to transcript all our conversation, but all ended up with him asking me to trust him, and keep on going with what I was doing. And I could not be happier that I never quit! Just a few weeks later, I started to drop cm, as well as clothing sizes.

But, why this is happening?

Well, first mistake that I hear almost every day, is the assumption that fat can become muscle. Wrong! Fat is fat, muscle is muscle, and one thing does not transform into the other. 

Muscles are the best “fat eaters” that your body can have, they need way more resources in your body in order to be maintained, and this is translated into more calories burnt while resting. That’s why you want muscles when you are looking into a slimmer shape (not to mention health advantages!). However, you need to have muscles first. Which means, that for a period, the amount of fat you’ve already had, plus the new strong muscles, will be together for a while. Do not panic, it won’t be a long period, (usually it takes from one to two months, less for some people), and you won’t get huge. You may notice that for some time, you have a couple of cm more in your biceps, for instance, but nothing major.

What to do when this happens? 

Simple, keep on going! Do not quit, as you’ll never get the full benefits. Take body pictures, measure yourself, and work hard. Then, the magic happens! You will have more lean mass than before, that slowly will start eating your unwanted body fat. You’ll start to get ripped, and to look smaller, and finally drop cm! But is important for you to understand, that as everything else, is a process, that goes through a transition. But trust me, whether you are male or female, is totally worth to pass! Patience will be rewarded!







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