Vacation tips: How to avoid extra weight

Ahh, summer holidays! While some of you, might will start enjoying the warm weather soon, me, as I am located in Europe, have had already my summer vacation.

Regardless where you are, there are two common factors that all of us experience when we are back after this beautiful period:

  • Less money
  • More Kilos

Ah, how perfect it would be, just the other way around, right?

Well, financially speaking, I am afraid that you´ll have to search for advise elsewhere. However! I can give you some tips, that will help you to minimize the vacation extra weight, so you don´t feel like after-xmas. And no, I won´t tell you “get an hotel with gym”.

I personally very rarely work out in a gym while in holidays. I do not care wether an hotel has this facility or not, since I like to explore around as much as possible, and only come back to my room for sleep. And, I refuse to consider to wake up very early to workout, this sounds oposite to vacation, right? Also, I love to enjoy food! Starting from hotel breakfast buffet, where I try everything possible, to local food and cuisine.

The idea here, is to minimize the extra kilos. Is not the same coming back with 6 extra kilos, rather than 2-3, which can be easily and fast recovered. Even if you are active, and watch out your diet, there are always few reasons that will make you gain weight easily, for instance:

Time change : if you move to a different time zone, you are likely to experience some jet lag. Your body will suffer the changes, and it will need some time to adjust. Sleep deprivation, altogether with different food, water, and schedule, will contribute to retain more liquids, therefore, you´ll feel bloated.

Here is what you can do, not only to help the transition, but also to to avoid unnecessary extra weight:


  • Drink water. Carry always a bottle with you, and stay hydrated!
  • Start your breakfast with fruits and protein : Almost every buffet offers boiled eggs, wide range of fruits, and some cereals. Start with the healthy choices, so you are full before go for a bacon or muffins. If there are sweets or not so healthy foods, that you´d like to try, that´s fine, but don´t do it all at once. Try one day each, and as I said, go always first for the healthiest choices, so it won´t be much room for junk.
  • Do not skip meals : It does not matter if you ate previously like there is no tomorrow, or you know you´ll have a huge dinner. Keep your metabolism always active, sticking to 3 main meals, and 2-3 snacks.
  • Have snacks with you, so you can eat every 2-3hours. Protein or cereal bars, or nuts, are a good choice.
  • Combine your calorie intake: Meaning, if you already had a big lunch, keep it healthy for dinner. Some cooked or steamed veggies, with protein such as egg, fish, or lean meat, will do. Same the other way around, you know dinner will be consistent, then keep it lighter for lunch.
  • While eating, drink water, soda, or green tea. I specially love green tea, I find it helps with digestion. Avoid gas drinks, such as coke and so on. Wine is okay, but overall try to limit the alcohol to special occasions like having a really good meat, or fish, rather than ask for a beer or wine every time you sit on a table.
  • Try to dinner early, so you don´t go right away to bed with the stomach full. When at home, my daily job and tasks, force me to have dinner around 10pm, but I eat mostly healthy and measured, so that´s fine. However, when I am on holidays, I try to have dinner between 19-20pm, so after I can have a walk, or at least I avoid going to bed with the stomach full, which I don´t find it pleasant for sleep.
  • Stay active! it´s okay to not visit a gym for a while, but this does not mean we have to be lazy creatures overall. If you are on a popular destination, you are likely to find some activities within your premises, like water activities, that are fun, but require some movement on your side. Try to walk as much as you can, or rent a bicycle, instead of pay for a rickshaw* or similar, get a regular bike and ride yourself!

And that´s it!  Actually all these tips are good to follow year round, but when we are out of our routine, is important to have some order and control, so we won´t have unpleasant surprises that would ruin our happy-vacation-feeling.

Tomorrow I will post some hotel-quick-workouts, specially designed to perform on business trips (another enemy of the healthy-habits!).

Stay tuned!


Rickshaw*: A small, covered passenger vehicle with two wheels that is usually pulled by one person. 








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