Become a fit traveller!

Only the ones who are sent often to business trip, know the struggle to stick to a workout plan or routine. One week you gave it all, worked out 4-5 x a week, and next week, there you are, packing, and ready to break your healthy routine.

While most of the hotels have gym nowadays, I have to say, that after a long day full of meetings, deadlines, and stress, last thing you want when you arrive to your room, is to put on your activewear, and head off to the gym. I am guilty as charged, of being one of those persons, that always run out of space in my luggage because I insist in bring my activewear and sneakers, and by the end of the trip, is the only single thing, I haven´t use. Sounds familiar to you?

But all this can change, by getting one of my favorite travel buddies: Booty / resistance bands!

                                                      Click on the image to get the price

                                                   Click on the image to get the price

Ever since I discovered them, they are also part of my normal gym routine, since I can easily making my exercises more  challenging, but also they´ve became a must on my luggage whenever I am traveling. Basically, it´s all advantages! I have the two listed above, the booty bands, that come in different resistances, and the straight band, which I like it more for upper body exercises. You´ll be redirected to the Amazon seller by clicking on the images, to the exact ones that I have, but you can find a wide range of colors and prices everywhere!  Here is why I love them:

  • They are cheap
  • Easy to carry, and can be easily stored. They can fit even in your hand luggage!
  • Great addition to any workout! Wether is body weight, or you actually lift, by adding bands, you´ll feel the difference!

Now let´s back to the travel issue. When at home, I follow an stable routine dividing workouts on muscles groups. However, if I have to be in a hotel room for some time, I focus more on full-body quick routines, followed by some nice stretch.

Find below a table with a full body routine, that you can complete in a small space, with or without equipment:

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-15 a les 16.05.54

Rest 30¨ between each exercise, try to do 2-3 sets

  1. Squads x 20
  2. One-leg kickbacks x12 each leg 
  3. Single leg kick-back x 12 each leg
  4. Side kicks x12 each leg
  5. Shoulder elevations x 16
  6. Single arm bicep curl x 12
  7. Seated row x 16
  8. Seated row alternating arms x12 each arm

And here is another sample of 9`leg-focused workout:


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