About me

Thanks for stopping by. If you are here, either you are trying to get in shape, or you are halfway there. Whatever the case is, we already have something in common!

Let me explain you what can you find here, and why can be helpful for you:
I am a female, over 30, in a quite decent shape. Obviously, it’s has not been always the case, and I still mess up in Xmas-holidays. But this is not relevant, most important is…

How do I get in shape?

Easy.. From home! I do not own a gym membership. I do not have a personal trainer. I did not sign up in any expensive 3 months online coaching program. I have tried and used apps though, but biggest amount I’ve paid, has been 20$ a month. Others are free. I do not count macros, I still don’t know what is exactly a flexible diet, and I don’t even have a pulsometer to track the calories burnt on a workout. I have started this page, because nowadays, I have the feeling that internet and its amazing marketers, have made us believe that get fit is easier than ever, as we can have trainers / coaches for example in our phones, but at the same time is too complicated, since as soon as you start to do some research, you end up a world of Macros, Ketogenic diets, crazy supplements, and full of cheat meals and peanut butter, followed by the hastag #gains.. And it this point you’re all messed up, you are trying to lose something, what this #gains is all about? And everything seems too complicated, that you just give up with your first thing on the new year’s purposes: Get in shape. Does it sound familiar to you? Well, I’ve been there too… And afters some years, ups and downs, and every possible mess you can imagine, I came to one conclusion: It’s easier than what you think. A lot easier! My idea is to share with you some workouts, tips and tricks, my favorite free tutorials, quick easy recipes, and give you feedback of all the home-based programs that I’ve tried. And of course, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

-Disclaimer: Please note that this blog is based only on my personal experience. When in doubts, you should always seek professional advice-